i2i Events Group

Project Showcase - i2i Events Group

i2i Events Group is the second project on the Topright Group agenda. The company organises events worldwide enabling buyers and producers to meet and trade at some of the major exhibitions, large scale events and festivals in the world.

This forward thinking firm identified an unusually quirky property in the Kingdom Street Development in Paddington setting off on a journey to transform this space into a new office, to accommodate their growing needs as a business.

The space which was originally designed as an industrial unit, following a successful change of use application has now been converted from shell and core into a vibrant and exciting office space. This building sits on a sloping site with the majority of the office accommodation below ground with windows only to one facade. Working with the strong architecture aesthetic and the clients vision was crucial to the success of this project.

The podium level entrance provides a perfect showcase shop window opportunity for i2i Events Group, with an independent arrival point for all arriving clients, visitors and staff. Visitors then transcend through the space via an elegant timber and concrete accommodation stair.

A series of meeting rooms on the Sub Podium levels provide a unique feature using glass bricks to allow borrowed light from the adjacent light well to penetrate into the rooms. The architecture is defined by the exposed soffit and services installation whist accents of vibrant orange, green and red are used to highlight the space. An accommodation spiral stair provides a vital link between the Sub Podium levels, generating connectivity between the floors.

The effect of the design work has transformed this dark industrial unit into a fun and exciting unique space for this young growing company; the benefit to the business will certainly become clear over the coming months.